Xplort UK Warehousing

Consolidate your purchase orders from UK brands and wholesalers in our UK Warehouse.

Xplort offers a smooth and efficient warehousing solution to companies across the globe by consolidating your purchase orders from UK brands and manufacturers to reduce transportation fees.

As Xplort are in the retail & sales business, we understand your companies needs, demands and speed timelines in much more detail than a traditional logistics company offers.

We offer full sales management & logistics operations for your UK purchasing from start too finish and in the meanwhile save you money.

What is Consolidation?

Consolidation is where Xplort would receive or collect multiple products and repack them in larger boxes or pallets.
Allowing you to save up to 50% on your shipments by collecting from 1 address. We can also check for any missing items at this stage, allowing your smoother, faster resolutions with your brands and customers.


If you are a flash sale company looking to simplify your UK brand purchasing, we offer a full communication, management and logistic service whilst saving your company up to 50% money on the shipping costs.
  • We manage your UK Brands from our UK Office.
  • UK Brands Ship to directly to our warehouse
    (We can check for missing items)
  • We consolidate your orders into 1 simple, easy to unload pallet
  • We dispatch all goods to you in 1 single shipment saving you up to 50% of the shipping costs
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